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H&SS is a Software IT services and Solutions Company focused on creating high performing and efficient teams. Our people, clients, and consultants matter to us more than anything. We are driven by a culture of purpose, shared values, and growth. Utilizing our innovative team building and IT Consulting , Staffing and Software Development solutions, we deliver recruitment results that improve the bottom line. Our expert technical leads, Business experts and recruiters specialize in providing hand-selected talent across a wide variety of departments and services.

  • IT Staffing Services
  • IT Consulting Services
  • Software Development Services
  • Business Solutions
  • HR and Payroll Services
  • Upgrading legacy solution to AI Model
  • Artificial Intelligence & Operations

Our industry-specific recruiters utilize a range of tools to locate the most qualified candidates for each open position. A wider variety of sourcing options enables us to draw on as many candidates as possible to find the ideal match for each position.

Whether you’re just starting your career, or making a transition, you may find H&SS to be the right fit for you. We believe in employee satisfaction, which means we are invested in your career growth.

We provide the best talent in the industry. Our state of the art IT solutions and qualified personnel help you achieve your goals with better results, in less time and with less stress.

Administrative | Automotive | Construction | Creative | Customer Service | Education | Energy | Engineering | Financial Services | Government | Healthcare | Hospitality | Human Resources (HR) | Industrial | Information Technology (IT) | Insurance | Legal | Life Sciences | Logistics | Manufacturing | Marketing | Media & Entertainment | Nonprofit | Real Estate | Sales

Why you Choose H&SS ?

We are committed to excellence. H&SS approach is tailored to support all business types, from small offices to Fortune 500 companies. Our sole focus is on providing you with the best tech talent options that match your unique working requirements and culture. Our foundation is deeply rooted in the relationships we have built and cultivated with individuals, co-workers, businesses and organizations. From contractors to direct-hire, our knowledgeable recruiters stand ready to connect you to the opportunities you are searching for.

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About Service

Easy and effective way to get your Business Solutions.

Honest Services

Our agenda is Performance and Peace of Mind.
In essence, honest service is about building trust and fostering long-term relationships with clients based on integrity, open communication, and a genuine commitment to providing services that meet or exceed expectations.

Secure Services with AI

H&SS Solutions always measures collectively work to protect customer sensitive information, instill trust in customers, and mitigate the risk of financial fraud or unauthorized access to sensitive data during online transactions. It is crucial for businesses and individuals to prioritize secure services/payment practices to safeguard.

Work Model @ H&SS Solutions

We are Flexible. Whether you join us as an in-house team member or consultant, you’re family. We believe in your potential and we are devoted to helping you achieve your biggest, boldest ambitions. We’re here for you and we won’t stop until you’re exactly where you want to be.

Affordable Services

Drive transformation & bring your vision to life. Think holistically. Deliver strategically. Bridge your internal gaps with specialized technology and process consulting services. Tackle your most complex projects with experts you can trust with affordable services.

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